Finds On The Farm

Wood Art Woman

Wood Art Woman is exactly what it sounds like! Woman-made,  gorgeously designed art pieces using reclaimed wood from 100+ year-old Minneapolis Homes. Morgan is insanely talented when it comes to building each piece. I have always said I wanted to learn to work with wood so I can build my own DIY projects in my home and Morgan is definitely my inspiration in doing so! Looking for a true statement piece? Wood Art Woman can make that happen for you! Find more of her gorgeous work at

The Key To Comfort

Are you like me where you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Kicking one foot in and out of the blanket all night. I found the happy medium that we've all been looking for! They're called Alpaca Blankets and you can find them at 7sagesshop! Alpaca Blankets are not only soft and durable, but they're also thermoregulating to keep you comfortable year-round! Honestly, if I was stranded on an island and I could only have one thing, it would be this! Use code THEFERGFARM to save on your very own Alpaca Blanket!

Porch Refresh 

When Kaci, from Western Grande first launched her "Ranch Rugs" I knew they would be a hit! They're durable, they're easy to take along with you and of course, their design is *chef's kiss*. Ranch Rugs come with their own zipper carrying case for easy haul wherever you may go! Available in two colors; Black or Tan as well as two sizing options. From Now until August 24th, 2023 save on your very own Ranch Rug with code FERG15!


Tori, the owner and talent behind the art of 1UPWWA, is a SAHM mama just like myself making her mark in the western industry showcasing her gorgeous prints like the one seen here. She was inspired by her passion for photography and trust in the lord to lead her to her calling. You can find more of her prints in homes all across the US and even at The beautiful  Middleton Hotel located in Graham, TX.